Back at it!

Hello folks!

It’s been a while since I’ve been using this blog, but it (and, gradually, the entire site) is getting going again! So, a brief update on what I’m up to! I am currently working on a bunch of projects: Duo Dolce (jazz, chamber music, and miscellaneous nonsense with guitarist Christie Macdonald), The Cheeky Binders (funk and groove electric trio), Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings (chamber folk), Peak Bloom (songwriting with the wonderful Phil Rogers), and of course my own solo work.

Three of these have upcoming releases over the next six months of so: My solo project, Peak Bloom, and Eli August. In the mor immediate future, I will be playing a very cool show featuring four musicians who work in three duos in various combinations: myself, Phil Rogers, Sinead Fahey, and Christie Macdonald. We’re playing a show with a odd format: instead of rotating up to do seperate sets, we’ll be all up on stage in rotating between solos, duos, trios, and the full quartet throughout the evening.
This will also be Phil’s farewell concert before he leaves Baltimore to move to Texas, so it is not to be missed! here are the details:

March 3rd, 7:30 pm

Planet Soul-205 Slade Avenue, Baltimore


More soon,


Women in Jazz

Jazz gets presented way, way too often as a male-centric, male-dominated world. Here are a few of my favorite under-listened gems as a counter to that. These ladies take no prisoners!!

  • Emily Remler
  • Dorothy Ashby
  • Joanne Brackeen
  • Shelia Jordan
  • Betty Carter
  • Natalie Cressman
  • Marian McPartland